Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Some new Collages featuring Grayson!

I've been working on some new collages to post on my photography blog as example of some of my work. But since they all feature my favorite 2-Year-Old at his finest, I thought I would post them here too! Enjoy! :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sammy's 5-Months Old!

Ok, so here's Sammy's 5 Month old pictures! I tried to narrow them down, but just couldn't. So, you'll get to see them all! :)

Last week Michael and I took the boys to the zoo. We had so much fun! (Even through the heat.) This was Grayson's first trip to the zoo. I guess it was Sammy's too, but he won't remember that!

Grayson didn't get the whole thing at first, but after seeing the turtles and alligators...
The excitement set in!
Michael and Grayson posing by the Jaguar!
Michael playing in the Polar Bear Cave! :)
My boys watching the Sea Lions.
Grayson grabbed the Bison by the horn!
Sammy kicked back and watched...
Grayson playing in the park.

Michael and Grayson watching the zebras, giraffes and ostriches.
Grayson plays with the flower someone gave this elephant.
Michael and Grayson on the new Rhino deck...
which Grayson thought would be a great place to march!
Can anyone tell me what eggs have to do with Rhinos? But they did make something fun to climb in!
Michael poses on the mommy mountain lion while Grayson picks the baby's nose. :)
My hubby looking all hansom on the mountain lion!
Last but not least, Michael's favorite, the Lion!
Sammy conked out in the car on the way home.
Once we got home, Grayson took a bath and then felt the need to rest on the couch and watch "Bob" but wouldn't let go of his treasure from the zoo, his blue, stuffed snake!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Loving Brother!

It's so funny how the boys interact. Grayson has totally forgotten what life was like before Sammy. He loves hugging and kissing all over Sammy and no one can make Sammy laugh the way Grayson can. Hopefully Sammy will survive Grayson's love! :)

Night, Night Time

Grayson LOVES his Daddy. When Daddy's home, Mommy isn't allowed to do anything. Daddy has to do bath and bedtime. I think part of the reason is that Daddy is a lot more fun than Mommy. For example, Mommy would never climb in the crib to read before night, night time, like Daddy does! Silly Daddy! But, no one can complain since it puts a smile on Grayson's adorable face! :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thunder Storms

Grayson never ceases to amaze me. These late afternoon thunder storms we've been having have been wonderful. Most kids hear thunder and start crying, Not Grayson. His mouth drops open and he announces that it's going to rain. I then open the front door and he stands at the storm door and watches the storm from beginning to end. It so holds his attention, it's nice to have a few minutes of peace and quite.