Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sammy's 10 Months Old!

Sammy's already 10 Months old! I can't believe how big he's getting too. He's already the size Grayson was at 13 or 14 Months. Crazy! He's such his own little man too. And I admit it, he's a bit spoiled, but who wouldn't spoil a baby with a smile like that?!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Great-Grandma's Blond Streak

Ok, so check out this photo of Grayson. See how this spot in his hair is lighter than the rest? The underneath layer is even lighter! It's his Great-Grandma's Blond Streak!
Until now, it has only shown up in the girls in our family, but now here it is on Grayson. I'm not sure how far this blond streak goes back, but my Grandma had it, Mom has it and I have it too. It's always right here in the front and the hair there is usually a little more unruly, it's also the 1st place we go gray. When Grandma went gray, the blond streak turned white and the rest stayed gray. Mine refuses to grow more than just a few inches long, and it's very wispy and curly. I guess Grayson has always had it, I just didn't notice it until this recent haircut. Grandma would be so proud! :) I so hate that she and Grandpa never got the chance to meet Grayson or Sammy. I'm sure they would have loved the walks around Cameron Village and the hot KKD's (krispy-kream doughnuts) like I did when I was a kid.


We had a nice quiet (at least as quiet as it can be with two little boys) Thanksgiving with Grammy and Poppy. The weather was so nice that we were able to eat our dinner out on the deck. After dinner, Sammy chased a football around the deck while Michael and Grayson played Basketball. Well, that is, Grayson played ball while Michael held the net down where he could reach it!

Check out that look of concentration!
By the time, we got around to dessert, Sammy was so tired he couldn't stand him self. His award winning pout came out...
Followed by the tears.
But, a little Sweet Potato Pie goes a long way to fixing woes!
And Poppy's tickling brought the smile back!
Poppy also had Grayson laughing so hard, I was almost in tears I was laughing so hard watching him laugh. I had to fight to keep the camera steady!

All, in all, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sammy 9-Months-Old

So, seeing as how Sammy will be 10-Months-Old next week, I thought I should go ahead and post his 9-Month photos. Ok, so November was a crazy month, and I knew that a "fomal" photo session just was not going to happen. So, while Grayson was napping one day, I put Sammy in his favorite place in the house, just inside the front door. He loves pulling up on the door and looking outside, and then climbing up the stairs as far as he can before Mommy plucks him off, in an attempt to save his life, once again!

This isn't my best work, by far, but it is the real Sammy, through and through! Enjoy!!!

This picture was taken a few days later. I just can't resist that look on his face! :)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Beach Vacation!

Ok, so I know I promised these photos like a month ago, but I've finally got the time to proof them and get them posted. Enjoy a little look into our beach vacation! :)
First of all, this was the view from the front porch of the beach house. Can't ask for better than that, can ya?

Our 1st full day at the beach started with a rainy morning, so we decided to go the the aquarium at Fort Fisher.It's a dinosaur! According to Grayson at least! :)
I couldn't resist this cute little pose Grayson made while looking at one of the touch and feel tanks.
Daddy showing Grayson the Puffer Fish which Grayson called "Bubble" Fish.

Grayson Found Nemo!!!!
After the aquarium, it was nap time! Yeah!!! Michael and I got a walk on the beach alone!After nap time, Grayson and Sammy had their first chances to play on the beach.

Sammy was quite taken with the sand, until he tried to eat some, then the thought it was quite yucky!

Daddy gave Sammy is first feel of the ocean. He LOVED it!!!!
The next day was much colder, but Grayson still insisted on trying to "Swim." Michael kept having to pluck him out of the water. Grayson was so cold that his lips were turning purple, but he still kept saying, "More swimin'!"
Tara, Greg and the wild flowers also joined us for the day. Everyone enjoyed digging and playing on the sand, but only Grayson enjoyed the water!

After Lunch Aaron & Victoria took the beach bikes out for a spin.

I couldn't believe how many local surfers there were in the water. They looked so cold even in wet suits. I was able to get several good shots of them surfing tough!

Monday, October 29, 2007

1ST & 2ND Samuel

Well, we're back from the beach. As much as I hate returning to reality, I am really enjoying going through the pictures I took, editing them and getting them posted for you to see! These had to be done first, though. Ever since Sammy was born, I've been after Daddy to let me take some pictures of the two of them, but it just hasn't happened. So, while we were at the beach, I finally got Daddy to sit still and let me go to work. These pictures make me so happy to be a photographer!