Sunday, November 25, 2007

Beach Vacation!

Ok, so I know I promised these photos like a month ago, but I've finally got the time to proof them and get them posted. Enjoy a little look into our beach vacation! :)
First of all, this was the view from the front porch of the beach house. Can't ask for better than that, can ya?

Our 1st full day at the beach started with a rainy morning, so we decided to go the the aquarium at Fort Fisher.It's a dinosaur! According to Grayson at least! :)
I couldn't resist this cute little pose Grayson made while looking at one of the touch and feel tanks.
Daddy showing Grayson the Puffer Fish which Grayson called "Bubble" Fish.

Grayson Found Nemo!!!!
After the aquarium, it was nap time! Yeah!!! Michael and I got a walk on the beach alone!After nap time, Grayson and Sammy had their first chances to play on the beach.

Sammy was quite taken with the sand, until he tried to eat some, then the thought it was quite yucky!

Daddy gave Sammy is first feel of the ocean. He LOVED it!!!!
The next day was much colder, but Grayson still insisted on trying to "Swim." Michael kept having to pluck him out of the water. Grayson was so cold that his lips were turning purple, but he still kept saying, "More swimin'!"
Tara, Greg and the wild flowers also joined us for the day. Everyone enjoyed digging and playing on the sand, but only Grayson enjoyed the water!

After Lunch Aaron & Victoria took the beach bikes out for a spin.

I couldn't believe how many local surfers there were in the water. They looked so cold even in wet suits. I was able to get several good shots of them surfing tough!