Sunday, March 2, 2008

Big Days for Sammy!

Ok, so I am so very behind on everything! Life is taking a tole, I'm afraid. Sammy has just turned 1!!!!!!! I cannot believe it! He's gotten so big. Yesterday he took three steps and said "night, night" for the first time.

So, to catch you up a bit, here's a few pictures from his Birthday! Enjoy!
This is the look Sammy gave me when I walked in his room to get him up the morning he turned 1, singing Happy Birthday, with the camera attached to my face!
It took him a couple of minutes, but he figured out that this singing thing was actually a good thing, then he got into it!

He gives me the cutest looks in the morning!

Just in case you didn't know, He's letting you know, He's One!!!!

Then on Sunday, we had his 1st Family Birthday Party with his Grammy, Poppy, Auntie Tara, Uncle Greg and all the Wild Flowers Cousins!

Don't you just love birthday balloons!?
Sammy didn't quite know what to make of the candles and all these people singing at him. He looked a little afraid.
But, he did know exactly what to do with his cupcake. Although, he insisted on eating it from the bottom up.
Once he got to the icing, he REALLY liked it!
It was quite tragic when it was all gone!
Then it was time to dive into the presents!!! He had fun throwing tissue paper!
Note the look of concentration, with his tongue poking out. He enjoyed playing with his new toys for a few minutes...But, soon he found his way to Savannah's doll house of all things!
Not to worry, his big cousins made good use out of his new toys!