Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sammy 9-Months-Old

So, seeing as how Sammy will be 10-Months-Old next week, I thought I should go ahead and post his 9-Month photos. Ok, so November was a crazy month, and I knew that a "fomal" photo session just was not going to happen. So, while Grayson was napping one day, I put Sammy in his favorite place in the house, just inside the front door. He loves pulling up on the door and looking outside, and then climbing up the stairs as far as he can before Mommy plucks him off, in an attempt to save his life, once again!

This isn't my best work, by far, but it is the real Sammy, through and through! Enjoy!!!

This picture was taken a few days later. I just can't resist that look on his face! :)