Sunday, December 9, 2007

Great-Grandma's Blond Streak

Ok, so check out this photo of Grayson. See how this spot in his hair is lighter than the rest? The underneath layer is even lighter! It's his Great-Grandma's Blond Streak!
Until now, it has only shown up in the girls in our family, but now here it is on Grayson. I'm not sure how far this blond streak goes back, but my Grandma had it, Mom has it and I have it too. It's always right here in the front and the hair there is usually a little more unruly, it's also the 1st place we go gray. When Grandma went gray, the blond streak turned white and the rest stayed gray. Mine refuses to grow more than just a few inches long, and it's very wispy and curly. I guess Grayson has always had it, I just didn't notice it until this recent haircut. Grandma would be so proud! :) I so hate that she and Grandpa never got the chance to meet Grayson or Sammy. I'm sure they would have loved the walks around Cameron Village and the hot KKD's (krispy-kream doughnuts) like I did when I was a kid.

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