Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Grayson's 1st Movie!

Saturday was a monumental day for Grayson. Michael and I took Grayson, along with Isaac and Savannah to see the new Veggie Tales Movie, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything! The movie doesn't come out until this Friday, but I WON free passes to a pre-screening from HIS Radio. I was so worried that Grayson wouldn't be able to sit for the whole thing, or get scared or cranky. Boy, was I wrong!!! He sat in his little theater chair with his mouth gaping wide open the whole time! Every now and then, he would look and me and whisper, "It's Bob" and turn back and watch. He is still talking about that movie today! HIS Radio was also giving out movie posters. Grayson's posted had to be put on his wall the moment we got home from the movie. He goes to it several time a day, points at it and say is awe, "It's Pirates Don't Do Anything!" It was definitely a morning well spent! When the movie goes to the $1.50 theater, I think we'll have to take him again, just to watch his face! :)

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